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Expert Assessment

What is an expert assessment?

An expert assessment issued by the ZAB provides information about foreign educational credentials and their comparability to German qualifications. It identifies similarities as well as significant differences between a foreign qualification and its German equivalent. Based on this assessment, the responsible German authority decides on the recognition of a qualification.

Who can apply for an expert assessment?

All German public authorities and educational institutions responsible for recognition may request expert assessment from the ZAB while preparing to decide recognising foreign qualifications. This may be required if specialist knowledge about an educational system or a specific qualification is needed. The ZAB can draw upon the relevant language skills and many years of experience in evaluating educational credentials from over 180 countries.

Which qualifications are assessed?

The ZAB assesses qualifications from all countries worldwide and all levels of education. These are school-leaving certificates, entrance qualifications to higher education, study and exam credits, academic degrees and vocational qualifications.

Do you have any questions?

Please email us at zab@kmk.org.

Due to the current situation, the availability by phone is restricted at the moment.

We look forward to your message.