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Application for a Statement of Comparability

How to apply to the ZAB for a Statement of Comparability for a foreign university degree:

1 Collect the documents

Download the checklist for Statements of Comparability and read it carefully. Collect all of the documents listed in the checklist.

2 Register your application online

Fill in the application form for Statements of Comparability on our website. Click on "Send" to register your application and to create a PDF file of the application form. Print out and sign the PDF file.

3 Submit your application by post

Send the signed application form together with the documents to the ZAB mailing address.

Application form

After you apply

  • When we have received your application by post, we will email you a notification of fees. Since we receive a lot of applications, registering your mail may take a few days.
  • When we have received the fee for the application, we will email you a confirmation of payment and we will begin reviewing your documents.
  • The regular processing time for an application is 3 months. It begins after we have received the payment and all of the documents for the application.

Since we communicate by email only, please check your email inbox regularly.

Do you have any questions?

Please email us at zabservice@kmk.org.

If you have questions regarding an existing application, please state the registration number in your email.
This way, we can get back to you even quicker.

You can also contact us by phone.

Our support team looks forward to your message.