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4290 Treffer:
121. About the Central Office for Foreign Education  
Datum: 19-12-17
Central Office for Foreign EducationThe Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) is the central authority for the evaluation of foreign qualifications in Germany. These include school-leaving...  
122. Certificate of Equivalence  
Datum: 19-12-17
Certificate of Equivalence for Foreign Vocational QualificationsYou obtained a foreign vocational qualification which corresponds to a non-regulated German qualification governed by Länder law? You...  
123. Expert Assessment  
Datum: 19-12-17
Expert AssessmentWhat is an expert assessment?An expert assessment issued by the ZAB provides information about foreign educational credentials and their comparability to German qualifications. It...  
124. General Information about Recognition  
Datum: 19-12-17
General Information about RecognitionThis page will be available in English soon.  
125. Recognition of School Qualifications  
Datum: 19-12-17
Brief summary School performance may be recognised. Schools decide on the placement into a certain type of school or grade in consultation with the supervising school authority. Official recognition...  
126. Equivalence with German School-Leaving Certificates  
Datum: 19-12-17
Brief summary Equivalence with German school leaving qualifications is possible under certain conditions. Competent authorities decide on the award of a German school leaving certificate. They can...  
127. Academic Recognition  
Datum: 19-12-17
Academic RecognitionAcademic recognition comprises access to higher education access to postgraduate and doctorate programmes transfer of periods of study and examination outcomes use of...  
128. Access to Higher Education  
Datum: 19-12-17
Access to Higher EducationIn general, access to German higher education with foreign school leaving certificates is possible. As a basic requirement, the certificate has to be a higher education...  
129. Access to Postgraduate and Doctorate Programmes  
Datum: 19-12-17
Access to Postgraduate and Doctorate ProgrammesThere have been profound changes in the higher education system in Germany during the first years of the new millennium. The old degrees – Diplom (FH...  
130. Transfer of Periods of Study and Examination Outcomes  
Datum: 19-12-17
Transfer of Periods of Study and Examination OutcomesPeriods of study and credits obtained at universities abroad may be recognised for continuing study and admission to examinations in...  
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