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Application and Fees

The Statement of Comparability issued by the Central Office for Foreign Education (Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen – ZAB) is fee-based. According to the Berlin fees act of 29/04/14 (BQPGebVO), a remission is not possible. You may be eligible to receive funding in some cases. We advise you to get informed about financial support possibilities before you apply.

How much does a Statement of Comparability cost?

200 Euro – first application

If you apply for a Statement of Comparability for the first time, it will cost 200 Euro.

100 Euro – all further applications

If it is not your first Statement of Comparability, it will cost 100 Euro. For example

  • if you want to get an evaluation for an additional higher education qualification.
  • if you apply for more than one Statement of Comparability at once (only the first statement costs 200 Euro, all further statements cost 100 Euro each).
  • if you need a statement for the same qualification again, for example if you have lost the document.

What is the payment procedure?

Step 1:
After you have sent us your application for a Statement of Comparability, we send you a notification of fees via email. It provides all information regarding payment (amount of the fee, payment deadline and bank information of the ZAB).

Step 2:
Please pay the fee by bank transfer. Unfortunately, a payment by credit card, PayPal etc. is not possible. The ZAB does not need a proof of payment, your application will not be issued faster.

Step 3:
As soon as the amount has been credited to our bank account, we send you a confirmation of payment via e-mail. In case of queries, we will also contact you – just wait for a message from us.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

International bank transfer: What do I have to keep in mind?

For an international SWIFT transfer, the bank demands transfer charges. You must specify who pays these when you make the transfer.

In the field "Details of Charges" (field 71A), please enter OUR. This instruction means that you pay the transfer charges yourself. The ZAB receives the entire amount that you transfer. (Otherwise, the bank will deduct the transfer charges from the amount you paid. In this case, the ZAB does not receive the complete fee and the processing of your application cannot begin.)

SEPA transfers are usually free and there is nothing special to keep in mind.

Can the payment deadline be extended?

The payment deadline is 3 weeks. In some cases, the ZAB can grant an extension. If needed, you can send us an email to zabservice@kmk.org. Please be aware that the processing of your application can only start after your payment has arrived.

May I receive a cost estimate?

The Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) does not issue cost estimates. The prices for a Statement of Comparability are given on this website.

Is it possible to pay by instalments?

No, unfortunately, a payment by instalments is not possible.

If you do not have the required amount at your disposal, check the opportunities for funding. Information is given in the following section "financial support".

What funding opportunities are there?

Usually, you have to pay for your Statement of Comparability yourself. In some cases, it is possible to receive funding. It is designed to facilitate access to the German job market for qualified professionals. There are two opportunities:

  • In some cases, the Jobcenters or Federal Employment Agencies pay for their clients.
  • Since 01.10.2019, you can apply for a recognition grant from the German government.

Here you will find information on financial support for your recognition procedure.

Please note: Please seek information about funding opportunities before you apply for a Statement of Comparability. The cost will not be covered afterwards.

How can I apply for financial support?

Important: Please contact your Jobcenter or Federal Employment Agency, before you apply for a Statement of Comparability at the Central Office for Foreign Education.

Funding by Jobcenter or Federal Employment Agency
Are you a customer at a Jobcenter or a Federal Employment Agency? Ask your advisor, if financial support can be granted.

Funding by the German government (recognition grant):
If you want to apply for a recognition grant, you have to file an application. Your local counselling centre will assist you. For detailed information see the website Recognition in Germany and the Recognition Grant Flyer (available only in German).

How do I complete the Jobcenter's declaration of assignment form (Abtretungserklärung)?

If you have received a declaration of assignment form (Abtretungserklärung) from your Jobcenter, you have to fill in the form yourself before you return it to the Jobcenter. Please

  • wait until you receive the ZAB's notification of fees,
  • add the ZAB's account information to the declaration of assignment form, and
  • submit the signed form to your Jobcenter.

Please do not send the form to the ZAB. We cannot complete the form for you.

Are there costs for a cancellation?

If the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) rejects your application or when you cancel it yourself, costs may arise. If the processing of your application has already started, you will have to pay part of the fee. The rest of your money will be refunded. Please note that the repayment can take up to 6 weeks.

The Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) is legally bound to charge up to 50% of the total fee in case of a rejection or cancellation. This is regulated by §3 of the Berlin fees act.

What does it cost if I cancel my application?

You have applied for a Statement of Comparability, but you no longer need the document? In this case, you can cancel your application. You will be charged only part of the costs. How much you must pay depends on the processing state of your application.

  • The fee has been paid, but the examination of the documents has not yet begun: 20 % of the fee
  • The examination has already begun: 30 % of the fee
  • The examination has begun, and additional documents have been called for: 40 % of the fee
  • The Statement of Comparability has already been issued: 50 % of the fee

If you want to cancel your application, please write us an email to zabservice@kmk.org.

Exception: If the result of the comparison is below the German bachelor's level, we will contact you. In this case, it is possible to cancel your application for free. The Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) will not issue a Statement of Comparability, no fee will be charged, and you will get your money back.

What does it cost if the ZAB cancels my application?

If the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) cancels your application, costs may arise. In this case, the ZAB will keep a part of the fee, the rest will be refunded. Please note that the repayment can take up to 6 weeks.

This is the case, for example, if the institution or your course of studies were not recognized at the time you acquired your degree (up to 40% of the fee).

Do you have any questions?

Please email us at zabservice@kmk.org.

If you have questions regarding an existing application, please state the registration number in your email.
This way, we can get back to you even quicker.

You can also contact us by phone.

Our support team looks forward to your message.