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We are currently experiencing delays in the processing time of the Statement of Comparability.  More information

Documents for the application – checklist

The checklist helps you compile the documents for your Statement of Comparability. It contains a step-by-step guide for your application.

Checklist for your Statement of Comparability

Please select the country in which you obtained your university degree:

The checklist does not open? Please check out our troubleshooting tips if PDF files do not open.

      Documents: helpful hints

      • The processing time for your application for a Statement of Comparability begins only when we have received all of the required documents. Please use our checklist to review if your application is complete.
      • Only submit translations if they are mentioned in the checklist.
      • We will return the submitted documents to you by post together with your Statement of Comparability.


      Do I have to submit all documents listed in the checklist?

      To process an application, we need all the documents listed in our checklist. The processing time begins only when we have received the documents.

      We will contact you via e-mail, if the documents are incomplete.

      Why do I have to submit certified photocopies of some documents?

      For some documents, certified photocopies are mandatory to confirm that the photocopy corresponds to the original. It bears the official stamp and signature of the certifying authority.

      The checklist indicates for each document if a regular or a certified photocopy is required.

      Why do I have to submit a photocopy of my secondary school graduation certificate?

      The ZAB needs an overview of your entire educational path to evaluate your university degree, including the kind of secondary school you attended and graduated from.

      Why is there a different checklist for each country?

      There is a considerable variety in educational systems of different countries. Therefore, we may need different documents to evaluate degrees.

      In the checklists, we included the most important terms in the language of the respective country to make the application process easier for you.