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Documents for the application – general checklist

Please use this list only if the country in which you received your degree is not included in the list of countries.

Please hand in certified photocopies and a German translation of the following documents:

  • Official diploma of the higher education degree in the original language
  • Transcript of records of the subjects and marks of every study year
  • Europass Diploma Supplement (if existing)

Please submit the German translation as a regular photocopy.

If your documents are issued in Arabic, English, French, Italian or Spanish, a German translation is not needed.

If two original documents were issued for the same higher education qualification, you need to send us both documents.

What are certified photocopies and where do I get them?

Questions concerning translations

Please hand in regular photocopies of the following documents:

Please note that you do not need a translation for these documents.

  • Your employment contract (only if you are applying for a Blue Card)
  • Your Secondary School Leaving Certificate which gives access to higher education in your home country
  • All degrees received before the degree which is to be evaluated in the original language along with a transcript of records. For example: If you apply for the evaluation of a Master's degree, we also need the Bachelor's degree. If you apply for the evaluation of your PhD/Doctor's degree, we also need the Master's and Bachelor's degree - provided you received these degrees also.
  • A confirmation of the university about the duration of studies and the mode of attendance (in case this information is not included in the transcript of records)
  • Your passport or identity card
  • The official proof of a possible change of your name (provided that this is not evident from your identity card or passport)
  • If you disagree with an authenticity check by the ZAB, please declare your reasons. (cf. note 10 in the application form)

Please do not hand in original documents

  • The documents will be sent back to you with your Statement of Comparability.
  • We assume no liability for original documents.
  • Please save the environment. Do not send your documents in plastic application folders.